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Gezocht: kinderoppas (Engeland)

Redcliffe College (UK) is op zoek naar kinderoppas.

The Centre for Linguistics, Translation and Literacy at Redcliffe College is looking for an experienced, enthusiastic, creative and reliable person to help look after a small group of young children, so that their parents are free to teach on our Language and Culture Acquisition Course (LACA).

Redcliffe College is an interdenominational, evangelical and international College, based in Gloucester. The College partners with Wycliffe Bible Translators to provide training for linguistics, literacy, Bible translation and Scripture engagement in mission, with the courses taught by Wycliffe and SIL staff members. The LACA course is taught by a team of staff who work elsewhere around the world and each year return to Gloucester with their families for this 6 week course.

The right person for the role would need:
– proven childcare experience/childcare qualification
– be able to freely volunteer in the UK (EU country, Norway, Iceland, Switzerland or Liechtenstein)
– to be confident in looking after young children and preparing the day’s activities
– to speak good English
– to be available between 25th July – 1st September 2017

This is a voluntary role, but accommodation, food and a small living allowance would be provided. You would be required to provide childcare between 9.00 and 17.00 on weekdays, but weekends and evenings would be free to pursue your own interests.

To find out more or express an interest please contact us at cltl@redcliffe.ac.uk

4 reacties op “Gezocht: kinderoppas (Engeland)”

  1. Shania janssens schreef:

    For how old?
    Can I bring someone with me?

  2. Trudy van hoeck schreef:

    👋 Hi!
    Like to help you this summer !i love ❤️ kids!i have 3 growing up kids!
    So I can come!

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